Pick Winner

Ultimate tool for selecting a winner at random from a list of names.

Select Random Name
Paste your list of names line by line

Choose your winner

Whether you're running a contest, giveaway, or drawing, this easy-to-use app makes it simple to choose a winner quickly and fairly. Once the winner is chosen, you can easily notify the winner and share the results on social media or through email.

How to use this tool ?

As simple as copy-past or enter your list of names to the text field above and clicking the button.
We're using excellent inbuilt programming language functionality to randomly pick the winner.
For CSV or excel file, we suggest you to merge names (first and last) and add to the text area.
No data is shared with any other third party services.
With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, Pick Winner tool is the go-to choice for selecting winners at random.

Where to use this ?

Selecting random people from the list.
You can do multiple draws. For now, manually remove the selected item from the list to do the next draw.
Multiple giveaway winners.

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